Feeld : The Threesomes Finder App

Feeld, the threesomes finder app that encourages users to explore their sexuality beyond the norms of society, comes to FINALLY send an update worthy of the name. It’s time to try it. Or try again.

Feeld : The Tinder for Couples

When the founder of Feeld, Dimo ​​Trifonov had the idea to launch an app for sex with several, it was not for him. It was for his girlfriend. The couple had tried several times to find people online without finding shoes to their feet. From this observation, Timo decided to create his own platform with an app. Launched in 2014, it had at the time another name: “3nder” (it is pronounced “Thrinder” in English). His mission was to make society more open on the ass. Ambitious.

2 years after Tinder the lawsuit, he changed the name to Feeld. But even with this change of identity, Dimo ​​still has the ambition to change the sexuality of the hipsters of the 9th (Paris), Saint-Gilles (Brussels) or Williamsburg (NYC). We say hipster because the application, by its design, seems straight out of the film HER Spike Jonze with its orange and super licked aesthetic. And then, especially, we are less in the shackles of swap with dad thanks to a vision closer to polyamour than boxes orgy.

How Feeld Works

As on Tinder, the app offers profiles with photos, descriptions and tags (it’s you who decides what to put, if you like your feet you can put “I like feet” in tag) so that everyone can make window shopping knowingly. Despite the big bugs of the app, the result is pretty cool and especially very aware of the complexity of genres and delusions that people have in the ass.

It’s quite refreshing and smart. In any case much more tolerant a priori on sexualities and gender than is Tinder who has not hesitated to remove profiles transgender. Here, it is 20 types of sexuality that are proposed and multiple genres to be able to identify without being limited by the combo woman / man.

Come on, it’s Saturday, you probably do not have much to do with this time, download the app and tell us what you thought. And good stuff!


FEELD: Threesomes App

The application Feeld was formerly called 3nder. As her name indicated, she was the Tindr or Grindr of couples. Unfortunately for its founder, the Bulgarian Dimo ​​Trifonov, Tindr’s lawyers did not at all appreciate the similarities between their application and 3nder. The result was a series of lawsuits and threats that led to a long social media campaign between 3nder and Tinder creators. The battle ended in August 2016 when 3nder became Feeld.

Dating app for couples

The application is relatively simple. Depending on your geolocation and the criteria you are looking for, you will be able to look at other profiles of single people or couples you enjoy. If these couples appreciate your profile in return, you will have a match and the opportunity to exchange between you and send you photos that will be destroyed within a few seconds of your click. The app is, moreover, extremely popular with many couples and singles from here find themselves there.

Best way to meet people online for a threesome

In short, an easy to use and safe application. The founder was very much in touch with his clientele and promised a new update in the coming weeks to make its use even easier and more user-friendly. An update that will not hurt, especially with regard to the message exchange area which has many difficulties when trying to interact with several couples at once.

You will only learn unicorn terms, cuckold, cuckqueen, bull and acronyms FFM, FMM and FMFM, but that’s the content of another chronicle …