3nder is an application mainly for those who want to find love easily. Through the web, through this mobile application, singles can make friends, and couples can find new friends to meet and try new kinky stuff.

3nder app: The Tinder for threesomes :

While Tinder is well known singles, here is a new application that should appeal to couples and all those who have the mind (too?) Open: 3nder! Pronunciation threen-der, the application aims to find friends to do a threesome. Nothing less.

When it comes to threesomes, one of the hardest things is just to find a third partner: The Unicorn.

Developed for about a year and now available in the Apple store for some months the app. 3nder wants a more open complement to an application like Tinder. Very similar to its predecessor in graphics, use is also similar.

How to Use Threender app:

You must log in with your Facebook account and fill out your profile as a couple or single, depending on your gender.

Then you enter your sexual preferences and what you want, then that’s it. You can discover the user profiles for which you have indicated interest. If these users have an interest in you, you’ll have a game and can interact with them, as on Tinder.

You can also pay to be incognito to your family and friends. A chance, since it would be unwise to have a game with his cousin or his cousin or two …


Apps like Tinder are very conservative, they separate gays and straights, you can not choose its kind, let alone whether it is transgender. On 3nder, it is possible! “.

Indeed, on 3nder, there is a gender neutral universe. Pictures of you come from Facebook, so it is more difficult to cheat. You can still take a pseudonym for you and your companion. Another plus, the open side of the application. There are gay users, straight, bisexual, poly-amorous, couples or singles who coexist peacefully.

Does this application is good for couples? Singles by lack of experience? It remains to be seen! Especially that the application is only in its infancy and that users may go around fairly quickly “matches” possible.

3nder: find the right relationship for you.

And if organize a plan 3 was easier than to find a boyfriend or girlfriend? If it is not there yet, it is in any case what promises 3nder app. Whether you are a couple or single, the night of debauchery is at your fingertips.

Not yet available but already on everyone’s lips (no game Pig words) 3nder is one of the most anticipated apps. Tinder substantially inspired by – the famous application to nab someone living more or less close to you without risking a rake – 3nder focuses in turn on the 3 plans.

You + me + all those who want it

Generous, the creators of the app naughty thought of everyone. Whether you are a couple and looking for a third person for a night or vice versa, single and waiting for a couple or two singles, everything is possible we are promised.

One piece of advice before taking action: fully assume its research. Especially if you come across anyone you know … like your boss.

A Social dating network for couples:

After seeing develop a multitude of online seduction applications, Internet Dating pass a course offering 3nder, an application specialist in plans 3! Yes, you are not dreaming. Swinging has found its place in this changing world and rapid.

Where the proliferation of dating applications has created a new social dynamic with a change in practice in meetings, licentiousness pass a course, surfing the wave too.

Having to click away a free application, modeled on the most popular app for online dating, she will take the step of debauchery to millions of users? Will we look retrospectively in the past and that this application has helped to change the mores? The future will tell!

3nder – Test and Review

The application is for everyone, whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, sexual poly, you beings always welcome. The features of this application allow you to be closer to the other members. Group discussions, instant messaging; sharing photos with friends is available if the words are not enough.

We also did not need to reveal our identity but we can use a nickname or other name on our behalf. It can also hide from our friends on Facebook opting for Incognito option, that for privacy. 3nder download for your Android and iOS smartphones.

Realize you fantasies with 3nder!

The sexual revolution is underway with 3nder application. You dream to “make” a plan to 3 forever but it’s hard to place at a dinner: “the fact, Cecile, that told you we fuck, you, me and your girlfriend? ” No never.

Instead, you get rinsed the eye on the Google of Porn, hashtag #threesome, it inspires you, you do not lose hope … and you’re right. Now thanks to this application following the Tinder codes, you can find a threesome in your city that you’re never alone or as Maque forever.

Indeed, 3nder offers couples to find their soul mates for a night to fulfill all their wishes rogues but the application does not neglect singles in need of love and sex, however.

Singles can also search through 3nder two partners, with red and green hearts of these legendary cross applications that promote ephemeral encounters … and that’s the game!

It remains one detail: anonymity. Still for unbelievers but especially for those who care about their image: you never know who you can fall turning a slide, is not it?

For the rest, the principle is simple: you create your profile with your most attractive photo and you return your interests and what you research on sex paradise on smartphone.

Then 3nder is responsible for finding partners that match your tastes and your desires and to you to convince your future may be soul mates to a carnal trio in your bed

Meet curious couples on Threender dating site:

After its explosion in the US and now in Europe, Tinder never fails to please. His model has become a reference in terms of mobile UX and offering free alternative to other players’ mobile love “as adopted a guy or Lovoo.

Today we will talk about a “Tinder-like” which makes its release on the app store French: I named 3nder. Here, no question of seeking true love or the ephemeral adventure, the principle of this app is for couples open, very open view. 3nder you will find people eager to find new sexual partners. Suffice to say that the application made about her because its interface resembles Tinder. More open than Tinder, we never would have believed it!

The operation of the app is very simple and the startup summarizes very well with his catchphrase: “Swipe up for love – it’s free”. Whether you want a third person with your partner or whether you are single, anonymity is respected and everyone should find his account!